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Revolutionary Registry System

DIGIMAPAS CHILE Revolutionary bursts with Land Registry System

Work digital images of aerial high-resolution and high accuracysimultaneously with topography. Mining companies, forestry and energy sector are its main customers.

There are several milestones that Digimapas Chile has in its six years of experience in the country. The company, which specializesin obtaining high-precision topographic data and has over 6000 hours of flight, which has been relevant country maps for various productive sectors. "In mining, for example, information obtained from these pits is used to monitor equipment, calculate the volume of extraction, tailings and the exploration of new facilities. In energy,for example, we work with HidroAysén, you need our data to design options for transmission lines or even to plan flood areas, "explains Dr. Markus Rombach, Chile Digimapas director, partner of CAMCHAL.

Codelco, BHP Billiton, Transelec, Colbún and Endesa are somecompanies that are interested in this type of service and maintaining contracts with the firm. "We have not ventured into the agricultural sector, but we have a great future potential. While it hasworked very well so far, there will come a time when more precision is needed to generate new crops and optimize existing ones. And that our data will also be important, "says Dr. Rombach.In the curriculum of Chile Digimapas mapping includes about 7.5million hectares of forest was commissioned by Arauco to an inventory of forest properties in the central valley of Chile.



- Digimapas support adventure sports 2014.


- DMCL supports scientific studies about the 2010 Earthquake.


- Mapping Canopy Height and Growing Stock Volume Using Airborne Lidar, ALOS PALSAR and Landsat ETM+.


- New equipment of more LiDAR Pulses.


- New Office Address.


- DMCL Supports rescue of miners.


- Digimapas Chile Revolutionary bursts with Land Registry System.