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New Office Address

Dear Customer / Supplier:

Due to the expansion of our organization have had to move our offices to a new location.
As of December 19, 2011 we are located at the following address:
Andres de Fuenzalida 17, Office 43 (fourth floor)
Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

We continue with our phone number:
+56 (02) 6657811

To which are added the following numbers:
+56 (02) 3359041
+56 (02) 3353393

* Please update the data of our company to avoid any inconvenience, since our old location is inoperable. 


- Digimapas support adventure sports 2014.


- DMCL supports scientific studies about the 2010 Earthquake.


- Mapping Canopy Height and Growing Stock Volume Using Airborne Lidar, ALOS PALSAR and Landsat ETM+.


- New equipment of more LiDAR Pulses.


- New Office Address.


- DMCL Supports rescue of miners.


- Digimapas Chile Revolutionary bursts with Land Registry System.